12 irresistible chaats from across India​

Chaat: the word itself is a reminder of wonderful times spent at the street corners enjoying dollops of chutneys and spices on a platter of yummy ingredients. As we all know, chaat is a staple street food item all over India. Wherever you go, you are bound to find some or the other version of chaat. This all at once savoury, spicy, sweet, and tangy dish has been delighting the taste buds of Indians for centuries. The fingerlicking and droolworthy quality of chaat is relished by one and all. Apart from the popular varieties like Dahi Puri, Bhel Puri, and Papdi Chaat, the different regions of the country have their own version of colourful and tasty chaat. They all are versatile in terms of their ingredients and variants of spices based on the local tastes.


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